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Solar Power means Solar Savings at Solar Man. We are Australia’s solar source, helping property owners to save by going green. Solar energy is energy generated from the sun. With solar technology the power harnessed from the sun is converted into solar power. At Solar Man, we fit property owners with the best solar systems and plans. 

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    Solar Estimator
    Solar Estimator Solar Power is a renewable energy source. By installing solar panels on your roof, the solar panels collect and convert the sun’s UV rays into usable energy. The process...
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Solar Power is a renewable energy source. By installing solar panels on your roof, the solar panels collect and convert the sun’s UV rays into usable energy. The process is one that benefits both the environment and lowers your utility bill. 

Solar panels are used to turn the sun’s energy into useful energy for home and business use. The two main types of solar panels are solar thermal and photovoltaic, also referred to as PV. 

Solar thermal panels are used to harness the sun’s energy to heat water and space in a property. The construction of the PV panels includes a photovoltaic effect that converts the energy directly into electricity. This electricity is then used to supplement or replace the establishment’s usual supply. 

PV panels are comprised of semiconducting material – usually silicon based. The material is positioned between two electrical contacts. This allows the panels to generate optimal electricity. An anti-reflective substance also coats the semiconductor. With the construction of the panels, they must spend their time in direct sunlight. South facing roofs with a slop are the ideal place to mount a solar panel. 

The semiconductor material is protected by a sheet of glass. When the sun’s UV rays hit the panel and are absorbed, electrons knock loose from some of the atoms that make up the semiconductor. On one side, the semiconductor is positively charged. On the other side, it is negatively charged. This allows all the loose electrons to travel in the same direction, creating a current. The electrical current is captured by the contacts in an electrical circuit. 

The direct current created by the PV panels is changed into an alternating current using an inverter. Once changed, the current then travels to the establishment’s fuse box from the inverter, and from there can be used for appliances. 
Property owners can have PV systems installed to include a dedicated metering box. The advantage is that property owners are aware of the amount of electricity being generated by the panels. 

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Are You in Need of Solar Power in Sydney?

Everyone knows just how important it now is to do everything they can to ensure that their footprint on the environment is as small as possible. In both our personal and our professional lives, it’s more important than it’s ever been before to minimise our impact and try to help in the effort to stop and reverse the decline which has been taking place for far too long.

As part of an attempt to make your everyday life more green, and to create a generally more environmentally conscious lifestyle, investing in a solar power system for your home or business is one of the very best things you can possibly do. There’s no question that moving away from non-renewable sources of energy and towards renewable alternatives is one of the key issues of our times, and one of the principal causes of the environmental movement.

Here in Australia, we’re blessed with abundant sunshine for much of the year, meaning that when it comes to turning away from non-renewable energy and towards solar power, Sydney locals have something of a head-start over people elsewhere in the world!

And your solar power system won’t just help you live a life less harmful to the environment, but it will also – in the long-term – bring you significant financial benefits!

Of course, the initial investment does have to be taken into consideration (although when you choose to work with a reputable, professional solar panel specialist you can be confident you’ll get a fair, competitive price), but after a few years, you’ll have produced enough surplus energy (which will have been bought back off of you by the power grid) to replenish the money you initially spent. From that point onwards, every dollar that you get back is a dollar you’ve made in profit!

And, should you ever come to selling your property, you’ll be glad to know that the market value will be significantly enhanced thanks to its quality solar panelling.

Choose Solar Man Australia and make the Switch to Solar Power in Sydney

When it comes to finding a specialist in solar power, Sydney home and business owners should look no further than Solar Man Australia. We’ve got the skills and experience it takes to provide the very best solar power solutions in the area.

Our team have all been carefully recruited according to their superior workmanship, and all of our materials and equipment are completely modern and state of the art, guaranteeing our customers a top-quality job absolutely every time.

And, for well over a decade, we’ve been renowned for providing our superior services at truly incredible prices, meaning that there’s no reason why every home and business in the Sydney area can’t afford to go green while simultaneously making a great long-term financial investment in their property!

Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today to find out more information about getting solar power for home or business use with Solar Man Australia. One of our experienced solar panel experts will be happy to pay you a visit at a time that’s convenient for you.

Contact Sydney’s Solar Power Experts today!

Solar Man Australia is Sydney’s best electrical company for solar in Sydney. We are experts in everything solar, from solar power to solar panel installation and even solar batteries. Visit our website or call us to get a free quote today!

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