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Solar panels are the device that is used to convert the sun’s UV rays into electricity. They are a device that is placed on the rooftop of a property to use to generate electricity for a home.

Solar panels are a collection of solar cells. The panel is comprised of many solar cells that work together to provide properties with power that can be used for heating water and space. The more UV rays from the sun that hits the light, the more electricity that is produced. With the advancement of the energy companies that Solar Man Australia works with our clients are reaping the rewards of utility bill savings, and that excessive power they collect during the day that is not used is fed back to the utility company and a credit to the property owner is offered. Solar systems and plans are saving property owners tens of thousands of dollars.

Depending on the efficiency of the solar panels will depend on the conversion percentage to electrical power.

  • LG Solar Panels
    LG Solar Panels
    What is a solar panel: Sun is an infinite source of energy that not only gives life to earth, but also provides us with green, renewable energy. Instead...
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  • Q cells Solar Panels
    Q cells Solar Panels
    Hanwha Q CELLS Co. Ltd. (NASDQ: HQCL) is one of the world’s largest and most recognized photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers for its high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules. Hanwha Q CELLS...
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  • Longi Solar Panel
    Longi Solar Panel
    The world’s largest monocrystalline silicon manufacturer The earth is endowed with infinite energy by the sun, which crosses over 149 million kilometers. Longi are good at taking energy...
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  • Canadian Solar
    Canadian Solar
    Canadian Solar exists to make the difference! Canadian Solar is a global energy provider with successful business subsidiaries in over 18 countries in 6 continents. Being a leading...
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    ET Solar Panels
    ET Solar is a leading provider of smart solar energy solutions. We are devoted to providing optimized solar energy solutions to meet the needs of industrial, commercial...
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  • Jinko Solar Panels
    Jinko Solar Panels
    What is a Tier 1 solar panel? The Tier 1 ranking scale is orchestrated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and is used to rank solar panel manufacturers...
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  • Opal Solar
    Opal Solar
    Solar Man Australia and Opal Solar combine to provide property owners with the best solutions in green energy power and products. The Opal Solar Panel was introduced...
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  • Trina Solar Panels
    Trina Solar Panels
    Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity, without making any harmful emissions. A solar panel is created from solar cells, which are constructed from one of two layers...
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  • Suntech Solar Panels
    Suntech Solar Panels
    Solar Panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, without making any harmful emissions. A solar panel is created from solar cells, which are then constructed from one of...
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  • SolarWorld Solar Panels
    SolarWorld Solar Panels
    Have you made the decision to install a solar system in your house or office building? First, we must congratulate you for making the right choice. Solar...
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How Solar Panels Convert the Sun’s Power into Electricity

Solar panels are made of solar cells. The cells are made of a silicon-based material, and wire connects the cells to a circuit. When the sun’s UV rays hit the semiconductor, the light is then collected and converted into electricity and flows through the circuit. Once the sun goes down, or the sky turns dark the solar cells stops producing power.

Solar Man Australia is your source for solar panels that are designed to offer you big savings on your utility bill. Contact us today to discuss your solar power needs or to schedule a free consultation. Our home and office assessments are at no cost to our clients with no obligation.

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Are You Looking for the Best Solar Panels in Sydney?

In the modern world, it’s extremely important that absolutely every household and every business does what it can to minimise its impact on the environment. Only by each of us resolving to make more environmentally friendly choices and to live more sustainable lifestyles can we hope to halt and reverse the trend of environmental decline.

It is well established that one of the very best things that anyone can do to become more environmentally friendly is to try and find ways to ensure that the electricity they’re using comes from renewable rather than non-renewable sources. The solar panels Sydney home and business owners are able to purchase for extremely reasonable prices serve as some of the most effective tools in the struggle to build more eco-conscious lifestyles.

Whilst solar panels are an excellent investment in most parts of the world, it goes without saying that they’re particularly well suited to homes and businesses in cities such as Sydney, which receive plenty of sunshine each year.

And whilst many people focus entirely on the tremendous environmental benefits of shifting to solar powered electricity, there are actually plenty of other major benefits to investing in solar panels.

Quality Solar Panels in Sydney Cost Less Than You Think

Sydney locals may think that solar panels in Sydney cost a small fortune, but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth! When it comes to buying a solar panel, Sydney prices are actually extremely competitive – the important think is ensuring that you’re working with an honest professional with fair prices.

And once the initial, upfront investment has been made, you’ll immediately start making your money back as your home and/or business starts producing more energy than it consumes: the surplus will be automatically sold back to the electricity grid, who will reimburse you. After a few years, your original outlay will be entirely forgotten and you’ll actually have made a profit out of going green! 

If you’re thinking of investing in solar panels and you live in the Sydney area, be sure to choose Solar Man Australia as your solar panel expert.  

We’ve been providing the lowest possible solar panel Sydney prices for the very best quality solar panels for over a decade, and the excellent reviews left for us by our many satisfied customers confirm that we provide the most efficient, effective and affordable solar panel solutions in the entire city.

Contact Sydney’s Solar Panel Experts Today!

Our success has been built on the back of our commitment to quality in absolutely everything we do. We never cut corners when it comes to recruiting the best staff, sourcing the best materials or performing the very best jobs and, as a result, we can guarantee our customers superior service and performance absolutely 100 percent of the time.

So if you’re looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly and to save money in the long-term while doing it, simply get in touch with a member of the professional Solar Man Australia team today to find out more information about how we can help.

Solar Man Australia is Sydney’s best electrical company for solar in Sydney. We are experts in everything solar, from solar power to solar panel installation and even solar batteries. Visit our website or call us to get a free quote today!

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