The Cost & Prices of Solar Panels in Sydney

As the general trend continues to grow to use sustainable forms of energy, many homes are opting for solar because of its cost-saving and low maintenance advantages. Government offered incentives are helping to encourage homeowners to get off the national grid and take advantage of Australia’s abundant sunshine to power their homes.

If you are thinking of moving to solar and wondering what solar panels in Sydney cost, our technical experts can help you choose the best solar panels available in Sydney at the best prices, from some of the best brands in the industry. We have teamed up with international leading companies like LG, Trina, Solar World, SolarEdge, etc., to furnish you with solar equipment of the highest standard.

We at Solar Man have worked with countless Australians for more than 10 years to:

  • help them understand the advantages of using this renewable resource
  • assess their need and select the right equipment for them
  • help them access financing
  • offer professional installation services

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Factors that Dictate the Cost of Solar Panels

One of the greatest benefits of installing a solar system is the savings one makes over time on energy costs. The installation costs to make the switch may be quite hefty, but once you overcome this initial hurdle, your energy savings will begin to accrue progressively, increasing as your debt decreases. On the other hand, the cost of other forms of electricity that depend on non-renewable resources is expected to rise over time.

For those of you considering installing a solar power system, you will be pleased to note that the Australian government offers subsidies through their solar rebate scheme.

The biggest factor to consider when looking at how much your solar panels will cost is the size of the installation required. That is, how much power is needed to be generated to cover your home or buildings’ needs. The average household trend in Australia is to use 3kW, 4kW or 5kW systems, requiring approximately 12, 16 or 20 solar panels of 250 watts, at an average cost of US$40 cents per kW.

There are however, other costs in addition to the solar panels to install your full solar power voltage system. Our Solar Man experts are happy to meet with you to assess your needs and advise on what system size will best suit you and the related costs.

Depending on whether you choose the on-grid or off-grid option, additional savings may be made by supplying some of your excess energy to the national grid. The government’s Feed-In Tariffs (FITs), and Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) incentives all help to pay off the installation costs. Speak to one of our personnel to find out more about the rebates and how you can benefit from them.

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