6.6kw Solar System Sydney

Rouse Hill’s Preferred Solar Panels Installation Company

Solar Man Australia is among the leading solar panel providers and installers in Rouse Hill. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solar products to help clients get renewable energy at a pocket-friendly price. Switching to solar is the perfect way to go green and save money on your power bills. Solar is even more practical now that it is more affordable than ever after manufacturers and the government increased their incentives.

If you’re unsure of where to start, then fret not. Our 100% Australian-owned solar installation company’s experienced and highly-qualified technicians are more than willing to help you. We’ll help you whether you want a grind connection, stand-alone systems, mobile homes, or weekend camping. We can either supply and install or supply only. Above all else, we use CEC-certified products for your peace of mind. We also offer a ten-year installation and workmanship warranty and extensive contractor services.

Solar Panels Rouse Hill
Solar Panels Rouse Hill

Our Solar Panel Services in Rouse Hill

Our Rouse Hill team offers various solar panel services at an affordable price, including the following:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Solar inverter installation
  • Battery storage
  • Solar maintenance
  • Solar energy

Our solar panel installation services are available for both commercial and residential clients. Either way, we have highly-trained technicians that provide customised solutions to meet your unique needs.To give you the best possible solutions, we also use state-of-the-art equipment. You can also call us for solar inverter installation. An inverter converts solar-generated direct current (DC) to electricity.

Simply installing solar panels isn’t enough to maximise renewable energy. A battery system is also essential. After all, it will store extra energy generated from your solar panels for use during expensive rate periods. You will also be free to access your electricity as per your needs, thus proving to be more cost-effective.

Work with Rouse Hill’s Reputable Solar Panel Installers

Our team can install custom-designed grid connection solar and battery storage systems. We can also design and install various packages for residential clients, ranging from 6.6kw to 10kw solar systems. Even our commercial clients can benefit from our packages that include 30kw, 40kw, 80kw, and 100kw solar systems. As Rouse Hill’s leading solar panel specialists, our experts will help you integrate into the future and become power-independent.

The rising cost of electricity bills is the primary reason home,and business owners switch to solar energy. If you are among the people searching for reliable and trustworthy solar installers, you can end your search at Solar Man Australia. We offer free solar installation advice and personalised services. To top it all off, our installation process is fast and hassle-free. You can rest assured that our team won’t leave the work half-done.

Solar Panels Rouse Hill

We offer customised solar panel services in Rouse Hill since we understand that every home and business is different. Call us today for tailored energy solutions.

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