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Get Affordable Solar Panels in Portland

Our technicians in Portland will use their expertise and experience to design the best solar panels to fit your energy consumption. Solar energy has become one of the biggest money-saving alternatives to expensive electricity. However, most people fear installing solar panels due to the high initial costs. Fortunately, manufacturers and the government offer incentives, making solar power installation cheaper than ever. But working with a reputable solar company is essential if you want to get quality services and products. That’s where we come in.

Established in 2003, Solar Man Australia began as an electrical business and grew into a solar company serving residential and commercial clients. We’ve been in the solar industry ever since, striving to provide the best solar energy products to our clients. We guarantee a swift and affordable process for helping you switch from industrial electricity to renewable energy.

Solar Panels Portland
Solar Panels Portland

How Our Portland-Approved Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are mounted on your roof to absorb sunlight and turn it into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity is then sent to the solar inverter to be changed into Alternating Current (AC), which the electrical grid uses. We recommend installing a battery storage system to store the excess energy your solar system produces. In doing so, you can use the stored energy during expensive rate times or sell it back to the grid.

One of the best things about installing solar panels is that they are durable and require minimal maintenance. A solar panel’s life span can exceed 30 years. Failures are related to electricity production or corrosion in the wires that tie your system to the inverter. However, you may require regular cleaning if you live in a dusty or smoggy area. Fortunately, our technicians are also experienced in proper maintenance, visual inspections, and regular cleaning.

Get Quality Solar Panels in Portland

Quality and correctly installed solar panels will grant you greater performance and be an excellent addition to your Portland property. Our solar products offer short and long-term benefits to the environment and your wallet. Moreover, they’re long-serving and require minimal maintenance. However, you can always call us if any damage occurs to the wiring insulation or inverter. Our technicians will have a solution for you and arrive at your premises quickly.

We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible switch to solar energy. That’s why we offer the best-priced solar services and use industry-leading technology. We also have financing options if you don’t have the full amount. Solar Man Australia is CEC-accredited and uses only the best CEC-acknowledged products. Our clients enjoy ten years of installation, a workmanship warranty, and extensive contractor services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for quality solar services.

Solar Panels Portland

Portland considers us one of the leading providers of solar panels. Contact us now to find out why.

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