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With The Increased Popularity of Solar Energy, More And More Solar Panel Installation Companies Across Parramatta, NSW, Are Popping Up. Our Team At Solar Man Australia Has Been Helping Homeowners And Businesses Make The Switch To Solar Power For Over A Decade. During This Time, We Have Worked Hard To Build A Solid Reputation From An Electrician Company To Become The Best Solar Panels Installation Company In Parramatta, NSW And For Providing Top-Quality Solar Panel Services And Solar Products With Every Job We Complete. Solar Man Australia Is The Brand Name Of HOOK UP ELECTRICAL And A CEC Approved Solar Panels Installers And Clean Energy Council Certified Master Electricians. Best Of All, We Are One Of The Few 100% Australian Owned And Operated Solar Panels Installation Companies In Parramatta, NSW. Additionally, We Offer Exceptional Customer Service And Free Solar Installation Advice. We Never Treat You Like Just Another Customer. Instead, Our Team Works Directly With You To Ensure You Select The Solar Power System That Best Meets Your Specific Needs. Solar Man Australia, Leading Professional Solar Company With All Your Solar Needs. From Grid Connect to Stand-Alone Systems To Mobile Homes Or The Weekend Camping, Solar Man Australia Will Have You Sorted. At Solar Man Australia, We Strive To Be The Leading Technicians Involved With your Integration Into The Future. Our Team Can Provide You And Your Property With A Variety Of Services. We Have Customized Solar System Packages For Every Needs. Our Packages Range Starts From 6.6kw Solar System Package TO 100KW Solar System packages.

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Solar Man Australia is CEC Certified Company In Penrith NSW

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    25 Years Solar Panels Performance Warranties Are The Industry Standard.

    25 year solar panels performance warranties for are the industry standard. Need that extra level of protection for your solar system? Solar Man Australia can provide the assurance you need to keep the solar power flowing and the electricity bills down. Solar Man Australia operates with standard company policy to protect your system. However – it’s the most important thing that each customer should know about it and should understand the difference between a solar panel performance warranty and a solar panel product warranty. Noway Every or most solar panels are having a products warranty of 10-12 year, and 25 years of performance warranty. But the different comes between product’s warranty and performance warranty are— The product warranty is to cover defective materials or workmanship in the manufacture of the panel. It is provided by the manufacturer of the panel, not the solar installation company. It is critical to realize that most companies that talk up a “25-year warranty” are talking about the performance warranty, which is essentially a warranty that will guarantee that a solar panel will only degrade in performance by a small % per year. This means that any faults due to poor workmanship or materials can be argued by the panel manufacturer to be only covered under the product warranty. A panel performance warranty is virtually worthless compared to the all-important product warranty, but some unscrupulous installers will imply that the 25-year performance warranty will protect a homeowner from defective panels. Interestingly – under Australian Consumer Law you may be covered for 25 years no matter what the small print of the panel performance warranty says.

    We Are The CEC Certified Solar System Installation Company in Peramatta

    The Clean Energy Council works to raise the standard of quality in the solar industry through our accreditation program. Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must-have for individuals who want to design or install solar or battery storage systems. Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council gives solar installers and designers access to continuous professional development and technical support to ensure the best possible standard of solar panel installations across Australia. Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognizes people who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.CEC-accredited installers and designers aim to work to industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations. There are now more than 8,000 accredited installers around Australia. And Solar Man Australia, one of them providing solar panels installation in Parramatta, NSW.

    Our Packages

    We offer the best solar panel, battery, and inverter products, with installation available from Penrith area to Sydney. We’ll develop a customized solution for your home or business, We understand that every household and business is different, so requires a tailored solar energy solutions contact us today.

    6.6 kW SYSTEM

    6kw solar system is perfect for small family
    Suitable for small scale family

    8.2 kW SYSTEM

    solar packages for small and large scale family from Solar Man Australia
    Suitable for large scale family

    10 kW SYSTEM

    solar packages for business owners in Penrith NSW
    Suitable for small scale business
    Avail 25 Years Product Warranty
    Avail 25 years Solar Panels Performance In Penrith NSW
    10 years Inverters warranty
    Get 10 year workmanship on Solar panels installation in penrith


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