Get Quality Solar Packages in Sydney

Solar Man Australia offers a range of solar packages for residential and commercial clients in Sydney. As one of Sydney’s leading CEC-accredited solar installers, we take pride in helping people reduce their energy bills and benefit from sustainable solar power solutions. Our team offers comprehensive solar services, including supplying solar panels, inverters, battery systems, and ongoing maintenance. Solar Man Australia is ready to provide affordable and reliable services if you want to switch to solar energy or need a solar expert to clean your panels.

We have been in the industry since 2003 and have many satisfied clients. Our team offers the best price guarantee, industry-leading technology, and extensive contractor services. We also have the best CEC-accredited products and provide a 10 year installation and workmanship warranty. We guarantee you will not find a better, more affordable, or more reliable team in Sydney. Call us for more information.

Solar Packages Sydney
Solar Packages Sydney

What is Included in Our Sydney Solar Packages?

Solar panels are the primary element in the solar power system. We offer various solar packages to suit our Sydney residential and commercial clients. Our residential clients can choose from 6.6kw, 8.2kw, or 10kw, while we offer 20kw to 100kw packages to our commercial clients. The 6.6kw solar package is ideal for large families and small businesses since it balances ability and affordability, while the 8.2kw gives you the best value for money since it provides excellent returns and consistently high performance. However, 10kw is better for large families and small businesses.

We know that every business is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your energy requirements and customise a solar system to meet your needs. Our 100kw package is the most popular commercial solar system for Australian businesses. However, we also have a 20kw package, which is the smallest but generates about 75kwh of power.

Solar Packages to Meet Your Energy Needs in Sydney

Solar Man Australia is Sydney’s leading solar supplier and installer. We ensure our clients reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprints. Fortunately, many people are learning the benefits of switching to solar to care for their environment and have reliable power. If you want to enjoy those benefits, our experts are here to ensure you get a seamless experience and quality solar products that will serve you for many years.

Our solar packages in Sydney are durable and require minimal maintenance. A well-installed system can last over 30 years while meeting your energy needs. However, if your solar system fails to operate, our team can inspect it and fix the issue. Most solar problems are related to the inverter, corroded wires, and dirty panels. No matter the root cause, we will come to your premises and ensure your solar system remains in optimal condition.

Solar Packages Sydney

Contact Solar Man Australia if you’re looking for efficient and effective solar packages in Sydney. We are a trusted and reliable solar energy provider.

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