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Solar Installation Rebate NSW

Did you know that if you install a new solar panel system in New South Wales, you can qualify for generous rebates and government incentives? These incentives can really add up to big savings, and make something that might have seemed out of reach actually affordable.

The advantage is that you get solar power connected in your home at a price you can afford. That is good for you in many ways. The most direct way is that you begin earning back your investment from day one, as your power bills can be greatly reduced or even eliminated entirely. In the best situations, you may even be generating surplus electricity that you can sell back to the grid. It all depends on what type of installation you have and how efficient it is in comparison to your power consumption.

Why the NSW solar installation rebate is available

The federal government has set a Renewable Energy Target. Encouraging more people to switch to renewable or free sources of energy, including solar, is an important part of the strategy to meet the target.

One of the easiest ways to get back some cash immediately on your solar investment is to sell your Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to power companies. You get more of these certificates depending on where you’re located and how large the system is that you install.

The bigger the system, the bigger the solar installation rebate. If you are especially clever about choosing good value panels, you may be able to do very well out of this scheme. 

Solar Man can help you get your solar installation NSW rebate

We are solar energy experts in New South Wales, and we know how to help you get the maximum benefit from installing a new solar power system in your home.

Now, also keep in mind that solar installation rebates in nsw are not the only financial incentive to switch to solar. The other very good reason is the amount you can save on your energy bills, and in fact you may even be generating more power than you need, which means your power company could end up paying you instead of the other way around.

New South Wales has some of the highest energy costs in the world. There are very few places in the world where you would pay more than 20c per kWh, while in Sydney you could actually be paying anything from 30c to over 50c per kWh depending on which company you buy your power from and what time of the day you’re using that power.

If you install a solar energy system that generates at least enough power to meet your entire energy needs, you’ll be saving a hefty sum. Generate significantly more than your needs and you can turn a handsome profit.

The difficulty most people face is meeting the upfront cost of the solar panels, but since you can finance that cost, get a rebate on your installation, and start making immediate savings on your energy bills, if you do things the right way you will have to be better off.

Providing the best solutions that will put a dent in your electricity bill thus providing the best savings for you in years to come.

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We have been in the business for more than 2 Decades and we are here to stay.
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