Solar Power is a renewable energy source. By installing solar panels on your roof, the solar panels collect and convert the sun’s UV rays into usable energy. The process is one that benefits both the environment and lowers your utility bill. Find out what’s the right system size for you from here.

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Small Household Average Household Large Household
Number of People 1-2 people 2-3 People 4+ people
Average daily usage 5-11 kwh 9-21 kwh 18+ kwh
Approximate power generated 2,049 to 3,212 kwh pa 2,628 to 6,424 kwh pa 5256 to 8,030 kwh pa
Roof area required Approx. 16-18m2 Approx. 18-40m2 Approx. 40-50m2
Recommended system
1.5-2 kw
2-4 kw
4-5 kw
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