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Solar Buy Back Rates NSW

Solar buy back is what grid power retailers pay to people who feed energy back into the grid supply. The rate they’re willing to pay can vary between different power companies, and they try to offer the most competitive deals to attract more customers to their network.

It’s important to understand that what you get offered is not necessarily what you will get. There are numerous posts on Internet forums complaining of energy companies in New South Wales that don’t honour their promises. It must be said that not all energy companies can be painted with the same brush. Some are very good, and some are not so good, and some should probably be avoided.

Understanding solar buy back rates in NSW

The most important thing before you start thinking about which power companies to connect with is to make sure your solar power system is going to make the grade. You can only sell back energy that you don’t use, so making sure you have a surplus of energy is essential. That will only happen if you have the correct size of system (in kW), efficient panels that work properly, and plenty of daylight.

Solar Man can help you find the best solar buy back rates in NSW

Solar energy generation is dependent on the quality of the solar cells, and there are all kinds of technologies that can be present in a solar panel that enhance the power generation of a solar cell. Choosing the right solar panels is definitely more important in terms of getting something back on your investment than getting the best solar buy back rate from a NSW power company. 

The currently highest rate available in NSW as of January 2019 is provided by Origin Energy, which will pay up to 25c per kilowatt hour, though their minimum rate can be as low as 8c per kilowatt hour. AGL has a higher minimum at 11.1c per kilowatt hour and lower maximum rate of 20c per kilowatt hour.

Click Energy and Mojo Power also have a 20c maximum rate, but their minimum rates are lower. All the rest are substantially lower.

If you want stability in the price, Energy Australia is a safe bet, with a fixed rate of 12.5c per kilowatt hour. That’s well below Origin’s 25c maximum rate but also well above the 8c minimum rate, and it’s marginally above AGL’s minimum rate. As you might imagine, it’s a lot easier to qualify for the minimum rate than the maximum rate.

Quite a few energy providers, including Click, have minimum rates of 0c, so you do need to be careful to check any offers that you receive. You may find that you end up providing free energy to the power company and you get no reward for it.

One more thing to be mindful of is that if you have an ABN, you may need to collect GST on the money you receive from the power company, and you will need to include the GST collected on your Business Activity Statement lodged with the Australian Tax Office.

If this applies to you, it will be normally taken care of automatically by the power company, provided that you have advised them in advance of your ABN.

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