REC N-Peak 330w

N-type and PERT technology in the REC N-Peak Series has created a high efficiency and powerful solar panel.REC N-Peak panel uses the most efficient cell technology in the industry, capturing more sunlight thereby providing more powerClass-leading temperature performance keeps panels cooler for increased efficiency and higher yields.REC providing customers with up to 330 Wp in a 60-cell panel. All round higher yields at higher wavelengths, with strong performance from dawn through to dusk.REC’s iconic Twin Design Improved output when shaded. The REC N Peak Series packs in more energy than ever before. With no LID. REC N-Peak reduces the bending and deformation of the panel under load while allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa.The REC N-Peak Series is ideal for residential and smaller commercial and industrial rooftops whereas much power as possible needs to be packed in to a limited space. REC N-Peak combine to guarantee customers high power output over its warranted lifetime.

Reason To Choose REC

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