Suntech Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, without making any harmful emissions. A solar panel is created from solar cells, which are then constructed from one of two layers of silicon-based semiconductor wafers. When the rays of sunlight strike these cells, they generate electrical charge, creating voltage from the sun’s photons. Pretty amazing, right? It certainly is. However, to ensure that you keep getting free and harmless source for your electricity, it is highly important to pay attention when you are buying a solar panel.

Solarman is authorised dealer offering its clients with the best technologies scoured from the world over. Among its partners is Suntech, an Australia based company that is trusted to deliver reliable performance over time. Founded in 2001, Suntech researches, produces and delivers world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

Why Suntech solar panels:

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • World’s second largest producer of silicon solar modules
  • World-class manufacturing plant
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Engineering innovations developed at the leading institution for silicon solar research, the University of New South Wales, in Australia

Yes, the world’s second largest producer of silicon solar modules is based on the research and innovation done right here in Australia’s University of New South Wales. Owning a world-class manufacturing plant, Suntech ensures that our clients in Australia get affordable and cost-effective solar products. Suntech’s high-grade quality control and testing meets the highest international standards, giving its consumers the peace of mind.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable solar panel, the answer is right here. Talk to Solarman experts at 1300 338 804 for more details about Suntech products, services and warranties.

  • 10+ Years' Experience in Solar Installation
  • Highly Qualified Technicians
  • Finance Available
  • Turnkey Solar Solutions
  • Battery Storage or Grid Connect