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Solar Panels

Have you made the decision to install a solar system in your house or office building? First, we must congratulate you for making the right choice. Solar energy is not only renewable but also promises to keep our planet safe from hazardous byproducts of industrially created electricity.

Now that you have made the right decision, it is time for some tougher questions. How much is your budget. What exactly is the energy load of your building. What would you need when installing a solar system. And finally, which companies should you trust.

Does that sound like a lot? Don’t worry as we at Solar Man Australia are experts at what we do. Helping our clients choose the right products is our job. However, going above and beyond, we also help our clients in understanding their requirements before making the investments into a solar system. To create a solar system, you will need to invest into a solar panel. To put simply, solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity without producing any harmful emissions. Which means they are an essential product to invest into as these panels are the ones catching the sun and making them useful for us.

Once you know what you need, there are different companies that have products for you. Solar Man is an authorised dealer of the world’s best companies that have invested decades in researching and perfecting their solar products. Considering Australia’s harsh weather, Solarman advises its clients to invest in products that can produce clean energy not for the next 5 years, but the next decades. Among companies that are committed to provide best results even for the harshest weather is SolarWorld.

Why SolarWorld

SolarWorld is committed to consistently improve its products. The solar panels manufactured by the company promise to produce clean energy for at least 25 years, even in the harshest weather conditions. At SolarWorld, every solar panel undergoes an extremely rigorous quality check throughout the manufacturing process. Interested in knowing what kind of tests SolarWorld’s solar panels have to go through? Well, there are a plenty but here are some:

  • Salt mist spray for coastal areas
  • Snow and wind load testing
  • Hail impact tests
  • Corrosion tests

Solar Panels Warranty

Solar panels produced by SolarWorld are ISO 9001 certified for more than 10 years. The company prides in sharing with its consumers that not even one single product has been recalled by the certification, guaranteeing the performance of their solar panels. With SolarWorld, our clients at Solarman will get a guarantee of the performance for at least 25 years.

To learn more about the high quality solar panels produced by SolarWorld, please do not hesitate to contact SolarMan’s professionally qualified team at 1300 338 804.

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