Opal Solar

Solar Man Australia and Opal Solar combine to provide property owners with the best solutions in green energy power and products. The Opal Solar Panel was introduced in 2014 and is one of the leading solar panels in Australia. Harnessing the sun’s UV ray into the most powerful and efficient energy source to supply properties with heating and lighting at minimal costs is the focus of Opal Solar. Opal Solar manufacturers high quality multi-crystalline modules for residential, commercial and utility applications with rooftop or ground mounts.

The design of the panels are exceptional with many features that ensure the performance and long lasting effectiveness and durability of the panels:

    • 16.21 percent highest conversion efficiency
    • IEC DC 1000V applications
    • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surfaces to ensure that power loss from dust and dirt is not an issue
    • Outstanding performance in environments that do not receive high amounts of sunshine
    • Excellent mechanical load resistance – the panels are certified to withstand weather environments like snow loads (5400Pa) and high wind loads (2400Pa)

The quality of the Opal Solar Panel is outstanding featuring:

    • 100 percent EL double inspection to ensure that the modules have no defects
    • Positive power tolerance: 0″ + 5W
    • The modules are binned by current to ensure the highest performance in the system
    • PID¬†Resistant

Solar Man Australia partners with the leading energy manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. As a distributor of Solar PV panels, inverters, components and solar systems, we are focused on the best quality products and systems. Green solar power systems are innovative solutions to lowering utility bills and conserving and preserving natural resources.

Opal Solar panels come with a back to back warranty agreement to offer property owners the peace o mind that they have quality panels that are built for performance and long lasting. Their company slogan is “Mining Sunshine”, and that is what the company has achieved. Mining sunshine to harness it into a powerful and efficient energy solution to heat and light properties of all sizes and types.

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