Solar Man Australia-NSW is the brand name of the Hook-Up Electrical Services Pty ltd. Established in 2009. We have been experienced in solar panels installation and solar products from past decade. Currently we are just a humble solar installation company trying to help people & reduce their electrical bills once and for all. We believe that Solar is one & one way & small step towards a Giant Goal.

Solar Man Australia-NSW has been taking pride of providing residential and commercial solar installations services of Penrith, Nepean and Sydney for over a decade now. Complementing our growth, success and highly positive feedback from our clients, we have transformed our business into a superhero. A super hero, whose mission is to bring the best solar energy products from around the world to the people of Australia. At Solar Man Australia-NSW, we hire only the top crop of the energy sector, making absolutely certain that our customers get the best solar products. In our search to find the perfect products for our clients, we do not just stop at Australia. Solar Man Australia-NSW goes across the world to hunt the leading companies and innovative technologies and brings them to the people of Australia.

Solar Man Australia-NSW aims customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Got an Incredible Project Right Now?

This helps ensure quality, schedule and that we’re all working toward same goal


Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Power Backup

Our highly skilled solar professionals install power backup functionalities through our top-quality solar batteries & inverters.

Energy Saving

solar energy is one of the best and fastest advancing forms of renewable energy that helps to save energy which taken from grid.

Easy Installation

Our highly qualified technicians are providing easy installation of solar system to our customers with best materials and modern, state of the art equipment.


As a trusted Company, we are committed to provide customized solution and tireless support to our customers.

Commercial Projects

We provide sustainable solar power systems for commercial projects to become more energy self-sufficient.

Residential Needs

we specialize in providing the solar power systems Sydney on your home by installing solar panels in affordable price.

Our Mission

Keep it clean, GO GREEN


Our Vision

Solarman has one goal, one motto – Keep it clean, GO GREEN.We also ensure that no one can ever use the “solar systems are too hard to understand” excuse ever again. So Solarman promotes and tirelessly assists its clients in finding the best and easy-to-use solar systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the best solar energy products from around the world to the people of Australia.With a mission of making the switch from industrial electricity to renewable energy as swift and pocket-friendly as possible, Solarman offers a wide array of products that suit every budget.
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