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Solar Man Australia. Australia’s Is The A No #1 Solar Panel Installation Company. We Are A 100% Aussie Owned Solar Installation Company Based In Penrith And Carrying Our Solar Energy Services All Over Penrith , Parramatta, Blue Mountains Richmond and Liverpool. Solar Man Australia Is The New Brand Name Of The Hook-Up Electrical Services Pty Ltd. Established In 2003, We Have Been Serving The Residents And Businesses Of Penrith, Nepean, Parramatta Richmond, Blue Mountain, Liverpool and Sydney For Over A Decade Now. Complimenting Our Growth, Success And Highly Positive Feedback From Our Clients, We Have Transformed Our Business Into A Superhero. A Superhero, Whose Mission Is To Bring The Best Solar Energy Products From Around The World To The People Of Australia. With a Mission Of Making The Switch From Industrial Electricity to Renewable Energy As Swift And Pocket-Friendly As Possible, Solar Man Australia Offers A Wide Array Of Products That Suit Every Budget.

Solar Man Australia, leading professional solar company with all your solar needs. From Grid Connect to Stand-Alone Systems to Mobile homes or the weekend camping, Solar Man Australia will have you sorted. We can supply and install, or Supply Only Choice is to you. We are Penrith Based Business proudly serving the Nepean and Sydney Metro area for the last 12 years in Solar and Last 25 years In the Electrical & Building industry as well, please come and visit us at our showroom in Penrith. Furthermore, we only use the best and CEC Certified products, so you can rest assured of your peace of mind.
Not only that, but we install custom design grid connection solar systems and battery storage systems for domestic commercial markets. Likewise, we can design and install a system from 6.6kw solar packages for domestic and 10kw to 100kw solar packages for commercial, which fall under the small scale generation systems category. Anything over 100kw is considered a Large Scale Generation unit. We are in house Licensed Electricians and installers, and we can handle any electrical job, big or small. No matter what the problem, we have the solution.
We are Penrith NSW-based electrical contractors with over a decade of industry experience bringing their knowledge and know-how to the public enhancing the awareness of self-reliable power sources, Our team has been experienced in solar panel installation for more than 12 years. We aim to reduce electrical bills once and for all.
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At Solar Man Australia we strive to be the leading technicians involved with your integration into the future. Our Solar Expert technicians can provide you and your property with a variety of services Our Solar Energy Services Are Available In Penrith, Parramatta, Richmond Blue Mountain and Liverpool NSW . More explore below

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We offer the best solar panel, battery, and inverter products, with installation available from Penrith area to Sydney. We’ll develop a customized solution for your home or business, We understand that every household and business is different, so requires a tailored solar energy solutions contact us today.


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With The Increasing High Cost Of Electricity Bill Day By Day Is The Main Reason That People In Richmond Location Switching Towards Solar Energy. Not Only Home, Business And Big Industries Are Also Saving On Their Electricity Bills By Having Solar Panels Services. If You Are Also Among Those People And Looking For Any Particular And Trusty Solar Panels Installation Company In Richmond, NSW Location? We Must Say You Can End You Search At Solar Man Australia, You Get Free Advice For Your Complete Solar Installation. We Are An 100 % Australian Company Based In Penrith And Targeting Six To Seven Different Location To Provide Solar Power Service And Trying To Save People From Their Huge Electricity BILL. We Offer An Array Of Services Like Solar Panel Installations (REC SOLAR PANELS), Solar Inverters (SMA INVERTERS), Solar Batteries (TESLA POWERWALL), And Solar Maintenance To Both Our Residential And Corporate Clients Based On Their Requirements. Our Business Started Being An Electrician Company And Slowly Our Owner Has Founded This Organization Into A Solar Panel Installation Company. We Aim To Provide Green Energy To Each And Every Possible House Of New South Wales, Australia, So You Do Not Have To Pay Attention For Paying Hug Bills. Our CEC Certified Team Is Specialized In Solar Installation Services For Your House And Business Needs, We Have A-Team Of All Experienced Professional Who Have Got A Decade Of Experience In Offering Solar Panels In Richmond, NSW. Our Solar Panels Installation Process Is Very Easy And Hassle Free. At solar Man Australia You Get 10 Years Of Worship Warranty So Without Any Hesitation Call Solar Man Australia Now.

Every Single Day, You Are Paying For Power. Why Not Invest In Solar Panels & Produce Your Own Power Free From The Sun ? Introducing Solar Man Australia Is A Brand Name Of Hook Up Electrical. Our Goal Is To Provide A Friendly, Reliable And Affordable Solar Panels Service To Suit Your Needs. We Have Been Operating Our Prom Penrith And Providing Services In Richmond Across Over A Decade The Excellent Reputation And Long List Of Satisfied Clients Attest To Our Superior Craftsmanship, Attention To Detail, Clear Communication, Honesty And Integrity. We At Solar Man Australia Can Provide Customized Design A System To Cater For Your Individual Situation. All Our Solar Packages Come Complete With A 10-Year Workmanship Warranty, And We Can Tailor A Package To Suit Your Household Energy Needs And Budget, Whether You Wish To Eliminate Or Reduce Your Electrical Bill. Furthermore, We Belong To The Clean Energy Council Association, And We Are Accredited Installers In Richmond, Which Brings You Peace Of Mind. A Wide Selection Of Solar Systems, And Affordable Installation Guaranteed, There’s Never Been A Better Excuse To Get Involved With Solar Power. We Use Only The World’s Leading Solar Products (REC SOLAR PANELS – TESLA POWER WALLS – SMA INVERTERS) That Have Been Tried And Tested In Australian Conditions And Have Factory Back Up Support, Ensuring Complete Peace Of Mind. Call SOLAR MAN AUSTRALIA Today, We Are Australia’s #1 Solar Panels Installation Company.

Good Energy That Pays For Itself, Switch On Solar Packages. Let’s Discuss Your Ideas! Your Free Consultation Is Just A Phone Call Away. From Solar Man Australia For Your Home Or Business Needs, We Are A Leading Solar Brand Name In Richmond. We Can Answer Your Questions And Suggest The Most Suitable Solution To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Ultimately Save You Money. We Cater To The Needs Of Residential, Commercial And Industrial Solar Customers. Furthermore, We Are Based In Penrith And Covering All Over Western Sydney For Solar Installation And Bringing The Best Solar Packages For You. Conserve Energy And Use Natural Resource With Your Solar Panels. Solar Man Australia Has Designed And Installed Over 1000kw, Of Solar PV For Residential, Commercial & Utility Customers Throughout New South Wales Is A Preferred Installer To Numerous Private, Public And Government Organizations Within New South Wales. Let Us Design The Best Solar Packages FOR YOU Which Includes REC SOLAR PANELS – SMA INVERTERS. Our Team Is CEC Certified And Carrying Industry Experian Of Over 12 Years. Don’t Waste Your Time And Money With Inferior Products Or Incompetent Installers. Choose SOLAR MAN AUSTRALIA For Genuine Customer Service, Years Of Experience And Quality Products. Our Sydney Team Is Happy To Take The Time To Determine The Best Solar Power System For Your Needs And Will Happily Answer Your Questions Along The Way. Well, For Residential Clients We Have 6.6 KW System, 8.2 KW Systems, And For Office 10 KW Systems Is Recommended. Like 6.6 KW Solar Panel System Comes With Multiple Benefits Mainly Suitable For Large Families And Small Businesses. It Can Generate Around 8760kw, Annually, And Approximately 24 Kw Per Day. Similarly, 8.2 KW Solar Systems Is A Perfect Choice For You If You Are Eagerly Looking To Make A Great Savings Of Your Electricity Bills. So Here We Help Our Clients Choose The Right And The Most Suitable Solar System Plans That Will Be Best Suitable For Your Both Needs And Budget. Well, There You Have It, For More Information You Can Visit Our Website Or Get In Touch With Our Customer Support Team.

Are You Sick Of Paying High Electricity Bills And Managing Things To Save On Your Money From Your Monthly Electricity Bills ? Then This Is The Right Time To Invest In Solar Packages For Your Home In Richmond. Call Solar Man Australia We Offer Complete Solar Panel Installation Solution To Both Residential And To Corporate Clients And That Also At A Much Affordable Price. Our Company Has Experience And Qualified CEC Certified Team For All Your Solar System Needs, And They Are Going To Guide Every Step Of Installation And Your Requirement. Solar Power System Or Solar Packages Prices Will Be Dependent On The System’s Size And The Type Of Roof The System Is Being Installed On. Getting Solar Packages In Richmond Is Now Easier Than You Think At Solar Man Australia We Provide Free Advices’ For Your Solar Installation And Once We Understand Your Requirement We Do Property Inspection System Design And Delivering Including We Provide 10 Years Of Workmanship FOR Both For Your Office And Home. Our SOLAR Packages Have Customization For Every Customer, Sating From 6kw To 100kw. A Good Quality 6kw Solar System Generates 26.4 Units Per Day – Enough To Offset An Average Household’s Energy Usage.6.6kw Solar Panels Come With A Range Of Benefits For Large Families Or Small Businesses, And Provide The Perfect Balance Of Capability And Affordability. If You Are Part Of A Large Family With Expensive Electricity Bills, A 6.6kw Solar System Is A Great Option. It Will Allow You To Use The Maximum Capacity Of Your 5kw Inverter, And Get The Best Value For Your Solar Dollar. A 6.6kw Solar System Will Generate Around 8760kw, Annually, And Approximately 24 Kw Per Day. These Panels Can Provide You With A Return Of Around $1600 Per Year, Depending On The Location Of Your Panels And Your Daytime Consumption.100kw Solar Systems Are One Of The Most Popular Commercial Solar System Sizes For Businesses Across Australia. This Is Due To The Upfront Federal Rebate Being Available For Systems Up To 100kw. 100kw Solar Systems Feature Approx. 370 Solar Panels And Require Around 600m2 Of Roof Area. Your Business Could Save More Than $20,000 To $22,000per Annam And Cover Up To 80% Of Your Energy Usage With A 100kw Solar Panel Installation. With Experience In Delivering More 100kw Systems Than Anyone Else, We Can Ensure Your Business Gets The Optimum Benefit From Installing Solar.

Solar Panels And Their Components Serve To Be Useful Devices In The Face Of Expensive And Fast Depleting Energy Sources. They Transform Solar Energy Into Heat Energy And Electricity To Be Used In Residential And Commercial Establishments. Solar Panels Are Generally To Convert Power From Sun Gathering Heat For This Process We Found Solar Panels Are Installed On Every Possible Roof. As Maximum Solar Panels Are Installed On Open Space For That Result, They Have To Suffer All Harsh Weather. Though All Solar Panels Carry Independent Performance Warranty, Although It Needs A Bit Of Maintenance. We At Solar Man, AUSTRALIA Proudly And Successfully Serving Our Solar System Repairing Services In Richmond Location. For Solar System Repairing Services, You Can Relay On Our Certified Technicians Who Are Going To Find The Solar System Fault First If Your Solar System Is Not Performing As That Used To Before? After That They Guide The Suitable Solution For You, Our Team Is Very Humble And Punctual, Always Ready To Assist You. Our Solar System Repairing In Richmond Including Cleaning, Maintenance And Inverter Fault-Finding Etc. Call Now To Solar Man Australia We Are A New Brand Name Of Hook Up Electrical Having Solar And Electrical Services Experience Over 12 Years. We Deal In All CEC Certified Email Us:-

To Reduce High Electricity Bills, It Is Important For Business Owners To Protect Themselves Against Future Tariff Increases And Reduce Operational Costs. At Solar Man Australia, We Are The Best Commercial Solar Installers In All Over Richmond, NSW. Solar MAN AUSTRALIA Offers A Free SOLAR Energy Advice TO Businesses And Recommend Not Only Solar PV Systems Power Management And Power Factor Correction. Solar MAN AUSTRALIA Has Its Own In HOUSE CEC CERTIFIED Installation Teams And Do Not Subcontract Any Work So You Will Only Be Dealing With One Company From Quote Stage, Through Applications, Installation And More Importantly Aftercare. We Deal With All Types Of Commercial Solar Systems, Solar Battery and Inverters In Richmond And Nearby Location. Our Company Had Founded Being An Electrician Company More Than 10 Yrs Ago Slowly And Gradual We Have Formed Our Small Organization Into Solar Panels Installation Company We Got Our In house Solar Team Who Has Best Knowledge Of The Industries Solar Man Australia Provides Services Of Commercial Solar Installation Including Commercial Solar Packages To All Over Richmond, NSW . With Huge Government Rebates Still On Offer, The Upfront Cost Of Installing Solar Has Been Greatly Reduced, Making Solar Power A Very Profitable Investment. Call Today For 100kw Commercial Solar Installer In Richmond .Solar Man Australia is one of Australia’s most experienced solar panel installers and has worked with a number of reputable companies And Organize A Consultant To Come Out Today.

Key Benefits Of Commercial Solar Installation In Richmond, NSW. There Are Significant Benefits To Be Had From Investing In Solar Energy, For Businesses Both Industrial, Large And Small. With Rising Energy Costs, Putting Your Roof Space To Good Use Can Be A Sensible Decision From Solar Man Australia In Richmond Location In New South Wales. Solar Man Australia Is A Brand Name Of HOOK UP ELECTRICAL, We Are The Future Of Solar Installation In Australia. Many Commercial Organizations Have Already Realized The Huge Potential Income Stream Available From Solar Energy. Simply By Utilizing The Roof Space On Your Commercial Premises, Agricultural Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Schools Or Hospitals, You Can Install Solar Power Generators And Start Generating Solar Energy. For More Information On The Commercial Solar Power Installation Across Richmond And Western Sydney, Why Not Contact Our Team Today On 1300 338 804 And Get Free Advice. We Can Provide A Turnkey Solution When Installing Your Vast Scale Solar Panel Project. Experience Has Taught Us That Large-Scale Projects Demand Specific Knowledge Injection And Planning. We Would, Therefore, Encourage You To Involve Us As Early As Possible. For Further Information And Advice Regarding Commercial Solar Panels And Immense Scale Solar Power Business Projects, We Would Be Delighted To Be Of Assistance As We Are One Of CEC Certified Team and Best Commercial Installation Company Across Richmond NSW.

Whether You’re A Homeowner Or A Business, The Team Solar Man Australia Is Here To Help You Make The Most Of The Exciting New Developments In Solar Energy Systems. Thanks To The Latest Advances In Solar Panel Technology, Solar Inverters, Control Systems And Revolutionary Battery Storage Options, The Electricity You Generate Yourself Will Bring You A World-Changing Range Of Future Benefits. Homeowners And Occupiers Of Commercial Properties Will Enjoy Greater Energy Security With Less Reliance On The National Grid. They’ll Generate Clean Power With Zero Carbon Emissions. And They Can Look Forward To Lowering Or Even Zero Bills. We Don’t Employ Sales People. The Team Members You Meet Will Always Be Experts Who’ll Design An Individual Solar Energy System To Perform Perfectly For You Long Into The Future. Installation Will Then Be Taken Care Of By Trusted Roofers And Electricians Trained And Managed Directly By Solar Man Australia. And All This Comes With The Peace Of Mind Of A 25-Year Guarantee On Our Solar Panels And A 10-Year Guarantee On Our Workmanship. Solar Man Australia Is A One-Stop Solar Company For Renewable Energy Projects, Solar Farms, And Both Domestic And Commercial Solar Panels In All Over Richmond In NSW. We Are Fully Accredited By The CEC Certified, Which Is A Quality Assurance Scheme Supported By The Energy And Industrial Strategy. During Our Free Solar Survey On Your Property, We Will Use Simulation Software To Develop A Custom System Suited To Your Property’s Requirements. After That, All Of Our Electrical Works Are Carried Out By Our Fully Qualified Electricians, And Our Solar Mounting Equipment Is Installed By Our Experienced Roofers, Ensuring The Structural And Waterproofing Integrity Of Your Roof.

We at Solar Man Australia offers complete solar panel installation in both Parramatta and Richmond NSW areas and that also at a very much affordable price. So here offer various kinds of solar products in Richmond NSW that are design specifically for the both commercial and residential clients. Well, the main thing that differ us from the competition is that here we first do analyze of the overall requirements of the client and then based on that we offer them a most suitable packages that will both suit their budget and requirements. We offer various range of solar products that is solely designed for your needs. So let us explain all of them in brief for better understanding each of their functionalities.

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