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3kw Solar System

When it comes to doing your bit towards reducing the impact that our modern lives are having on the environment, it can very often be quite difficult to know where to start. Of course, most of us know that moving away from dependency on non-renewable energy and towards the use of renewable, sustainable alternatives is one of the most important and powerful things that anyone can do in order to help the effort to save the environment, but all too many people falsely believe that switching to renewable energy is something which is beyond their capability or budget.

A 3kW solar system is an excellent investment for people looking to become more environmentally-conscious, and it can be attained at very reasonable and affordable prices. With a 3kW solar system, the power to switch from non-renewable to renewable energy is no longer concentrated in the hands of the electricity companies and other large institutions. It is now something that each and every individual consumer has the power to do, thereby becoming more energy self-sufficient and less dependent on the grid’s largely non-renewable energy. Here at Solar Man Australia, we’ve been helping Sydney homeowners and businesses switch to sustainable, solar energy for over a decade. With our solar systems, it’s never been easier to make environmentally friendly decisions regarding your electricity supply.

Cost of Installing a 3KW Solar System

Sydney homes and businesses considering investing in a solar panel system can be sure that there’ll receive more benefits than just the good conscience that comes with knowing they’re helping to stop and reverse the damage being caused to the environment by non-renewable energy consumption. When you buy a 3kW solar system, you’ll also be making a very wise financial decision. Whilst there is of course an upfront cost of the 3kw solar system and the battery, this can be kept to a minimum by working with a reputable specialist like Solar Man Australia, where we’re able to use our industry expertise to bring you the very best products at the very lowest possible prices. And after you buy your 3kW solar system and it is set up on your property, you’ll immediately start to reap the financial rewards. From day one, it will be providing you with enough electricity to power your lights and household appliances. Most households will still require some mains electricity in order to meet their standard consumption demands, but having a 3kW solar panel system will nonetheless minimise the amount of mains electricity used and therefore help keep costs down.

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In fact, between 25 and 55% of the average household’s electricity can be provided by a  3kW system. And if you happen to be somewhat frugal with your electricity consumption as it is, you may find that a 5kW system is enough to power your entire property without any need to use mains electricity at all! To buy a state of the art 3kW solar system, Sydney residents need only get in touch with the friendly team here at Solar Man Australia. Contact us today for more information about this or any of our other products. Solar Man Australia is Sydney's best electrical company for solar in Sydney.

The most important question customers have in mind when they’re considering making the switch to solar is what the total cost is going to be.

It would be great if there were a simple answer, but it’s not like buying a new car or a tea pot. It’s a bit more like buying a house. The total price depends quite a bit on the location where the system is going to be installed.

This is not just because of the cost of delivering the system to the location and the time spent on location, but also because the amount of rebate that you can qualify for is also location dependent. The rates of the rebate schemes are determined by the government, and so the price is going to vary a bit between different areas.

The good news for consumers is that solar power systems keep getting cheaper. The cost has been going down for years as improvements in the technology allows manufacturers to be more competitive and to build smaller panels that are more efficient. The more compact size of modern solar panels means they can be installed more easily in more places, which can also improve their efficiency.

In New South Wales the typical cost of a 3kW solar energy system will be somewhere in the vicinity of $6000 (including all taxes, applicable rebates, etc), but the actual total price could be lower or higher depending on many factors.

While that sounds like a very high figure, it’s actually more affordable than you might think. For one thing, you can finance your solar power system, and most banks and finance companies will be quite comfortable with extending credit for this as it is a home improvement that adds value to your asset.

After the installation, the solar energy system begins paying for itself immediately, and within a few years, even allowing for interest on finance payments, the entire cost can be recovered just from energy savings. If you’re able to generate surplus energy, you could also recover your costs even more quickly by selling your surplus to power companies.

Again, the rates you could receive will vary depending on many different factors, the most important of which is the energy supplier that you’re selling to.

Talk to us about the factors affecting a 3kW solar system cost

As stated above, working out the final cost is not as simple as just looking up a price tag. There are quite a few things to consider. Some of them include:

  • Whether it is a residential or commercial installation
  • Where the home or business is located
  • The property type or building type
  • Height of installation
  • If panels are installed on roof, type of roofing material
  • Cost of a tracking system, if required
  • Removal of obstructions, if required
  • Rebates that you can qualify for
  • Cost of solar batteries, if required

To find out more, get in touch with Solar Man, and we will give you an accurate quote based on your needs and location.

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