6.6kw Solar System Sydney

Sydney’s Preferred 10kw Solar System Installer

A 10kw solar system is an excellent investment for Sydney homes with high electricity consumption. Installing this solar system will reduce or even eliminate your reliance on the grid. After all, it produces enough energy to power your home and small businesses. You can even install a battery system to store the excess power produced during the day.

Although solar panels have many benefits, many people need help figuring out where to start. Fortunately, we have a highly experienced and fully trained team to help you with your solar needs. Having been in the solar industry for over ten years, we’ve gained the expertise to serve you. As a 100% Australian-owned company, we aim to serve both residential and commercial clients. After all, our mission is to bring the best solar products to you and make your switch to renewable energy as swift and friendly as possible.

10kw Solar System Sydney
10kw Solar System Sydney

About Our 10kw Solar System in Sydney

10kw solar systems are largely used in Sydney’s residential sector. However, they’re also suitable for small businesses with a significant daytime electricity consumption exceeding 40kwh daily. A 10kw solar system is an excellent investment if your home uses around 20kwh daily, has reverse cycle air conditioning, a large pool, home automation, and an electricity budget above $800. The system will meet your energy consumption needs and reduce your electricity budget.

Our 10kw solar systems come in three types: the REC Twin Peak-4 370w, REC Alpha Pure 400w, and REC Alpha 370w. The first and third systems have 27 REC solar panels, while the second has 25. All of them have SMA inverters and a 25-year solar panel performance warranty. Our 10kw solar system can produce 31 to 46kwh depending on the geographical location, tilt angle, and operating temperatures of the panels. Hence, we’re certain it’ll satisfy your solar needs.

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Solar panels are durable and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution to rising electricity costs. The best thing about solar energy is that it is free and renewable. Our 10kw solar system in Sydney can serve you for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance costs. Your solar system might experience problems related to electricity production or corrosion in the wires that tie your system to the inverter. However, we offer long warranties and maintenance packages, eliminating the need to pay when problems occur. The initial cost will be all that you’ll have to pay for throughout your solar panels’ lifespan.

Solar panels don’t need cleaning either, unless you live in a dusty area or experience regular snowfall. Worry not, however, for our experts are more than willing to visit your property for a visual inspection and regular cleaning.

10kw Solar System Sydney

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