Solar Man  Australia is the Number 1  trusted business.

Transforming our business to better reflect our goal of helping Australia usher into an era of green and sustainable energy, Solar Man Australia is proud to partner with the world’s best energy companies. Our partners are based throughout the world, tirelessly working on solar systems and products that are easier to run and affordable to get. Solar Man Australia only chooses the world leaders when it comes to solar technologies. While there are many businesses sprouting everywhere in the world claiming to be selling solar products, only few have invested decades into perfecting their products.


Solar Man Australia  are superheroes who are hired and trained to help you move to a greener and healthier Australia. Not only do they help this country become greener, but they also help you save thousands of dollars that you waste on your energy bills, every year. Solar Man Australia are chosen after a rigorous hiring process to ensure that only the top crop of the energy industry is part of this company. Helping you transform your home into a more enjoyable, greener and healthier space for you and your family, Solar Man Australia  are here to win your hearts.

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Penrith Solar

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  • 10+ Years' Experience in Solar Installation
  • Highly Qualified Technicians
  • Finance Available
  • Turnkey Solar Solutions
  • Battery Storage or Grid Connect